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It is easier to understand what you get after you have seen our product. Below you can download a Bioinformatics analysis based on a randomly selected dataset from NCBI.

Note that the PDF is a showcase.

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Our advanced expression analyzes

Bioinformatic analysis

Do you need a data analysis with bioinformatic annotations of the tendencies found in your data? Here we address, which genes or proteins found significantly regulated can be annotated through a bioinformatic enrichment analysis. We also investigate if genes or proteins have been found in multiple pathways and suggest which have been found connecting the annotated pathways.

Basic expression analysis

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Cluster analysis

Do you expect there to be potentially relevant clusters in our data, which you want to investigate? In this analysis, we will do that for you. We will unsupervised and supervised clustering methods to find the clusters in your data to identify potential sub-groups or sub-studies. We will then run the individual analysis with and without cluster defined grouping/separation of your data. The Cluster analysis gives you the possibility to address your data on several levels.

Bioinformatic analysis Basic expression analysis

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Analysis with a low sample size

Low sample size is a common phenomenon in pilot-studies and experiments for hypothesis generation but can cause the error that results reflect a single sample instead of the whole sample population. We can adjust the p-value, thus counteracting this effect and calculate bias, giving you the tool to adjust your interpretation of your result.

Bioinformatic analysis Basic expression analysis

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Basic expression analysis

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Thorough description

We offer a complete analysis of your data with state of the art biostatistical methods with full transparency. Each step chosen throughout the data analysis will be well described.

Easy implementation

It also includes a report summarizing the results and tables of the data before and after each analytic step. You also get useful figures in vector-format designed to be ready for publicizing.

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Multiple Comparison

Max. number of datasets 1 1 Unlimited
Max. data points Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Fastest possible delivery time 5 days* 7 days* Varying
Principal component analysis
WARD clustering
K-means clustering
Jackknife resampling
Cellular component -
Biological processes -
Pathway mapping -
Inter-pathways proteins -

*In workdays. It might be necessary to add further time if the structure of your data set differs significantly from what we are using. In this case, you will be notified.