Bioinformatic analysis

A bioinformatic insight in your expression data

Bioinformatic enrichment analysis

Do you need a data analysis with bioinformatic annotations of the tendencies found in your data? Here we address, which genes or proteins found significantly regulated can be annotated through a bioinformatic enrichment analysis. We also investigate if genes or proteins have been found in multiple pathways and suggest which have been found connecting the annotated pathways.

A complete analysis

We offer a complete analysis of your data with state of the art biostatistical methods with full transparency. Each step chosen throughout the data analysis is well described. It also includes a tables of the results, tables of the data before and after each analytic step. You also get useful figures in vector-format, designed to be ready for publicizing.

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Bioinformatics Guarantee

It is only possible to create a bioinformatics analysis if sufficient data. Our guarantee ensures that you do not pay for anything you do not receive. Thus, we downgrade (and repay the difference) to a Basic Data Analysis if the data foundation is not present.

The analysis includes:

  • Data filtration
  • Detection of unique identification
  • Data transformation and normalization test
  • Outlier estimation
  • Statistical testing
  • Bioinformatics enrichment analysis of
    • Cellular component
    • Molecular functions
    • Biological processes
    • Pathways
  • Bioinformatic investigation of potential crosslinking identifications in
    • Cellular component
    • Molecular functions
    • Biological processes
    • Pathways
  • Data visualization (Heatmap, PCA plot and Box-plots of regulations)
  • Bioinformatic visualization (Dot-plots)

  • Delivery time:

    3 - 4 weeks. Fast delivery available.

    Technology used

    Machine learning is utilized to find outliers, to visualise data and bioinformatics, the latter is performed using the DAVID and Reactome database.

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    It is easier to understand what you get after you have seen our product. Below you can download an Bioinformatics analysis based on a random selected dataset from NCBI.

    Note that the PDF is only intended to be a showcase.

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    Useful illustrations

    Illustrations have been carefully selected to enhance the understanding of the data and the results. There is an in-depth review of how the values should be read for each illustration in the analysis. Thus, through the illustrations, you will achieve a deeper understanding of the results.

    Easy implementation

    All illustrations are made, so they are easily and aesthetically to include in your work. All illustrations are vector-based thus scalable to ensure that they can be adjusted to fit your preferences.

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