Professional consultation for interpretation of biological findings in the context of your project

Tue Bjerg Bennike, Ph.D., an acknowledged expert within proteomics and bioinformatics applied to medical/clinical research projects. He can provide a custom interpretation of the results in the context of your project, thereby providing a tailored digest and integration of the report from Biogenity (or other data sources).

Guiding your research forward

Our interpretational analysis highlights strengths and limitations in the experimental design and conclusions, allowing us to recommend follow-up experiments, publication strategies, reporting, and more. The findings derived from the analysis are delivered as a report and afterward discussed in a conference call.

Bioinformatic interpretation

If your project only requires a professional bioinformatic, you are also free to contact us. We can help with various matters, e.g., if you have obtained analysis results elsewhere and need an interpretation in your project's context.

Why include a data interpretation?

The advanced data analysis pipelines by Biogenity provide identification of statistically significantly changed proteins and biological pathways. Commonly projects seek to answer specific questions, which is where a project may benefit from adding our specialized consultant to the data pipeline.

Dr. Bennike interprets the biological findings and places them in a larger systems biology perspective, thereby pinpointing relevant biological pathways or proteins in the data and how these relate to the given research project.

Different types of projects

The undertaken projects vary widely in scope and type. We have listed a few examples:

  • Projects that focus on evaluating the impact of a given treatment on inflammatory markers in tissue samples based on reports from Biogenity.

  • Projects that evaluate the immunogenic potential of an anti-inflammatory drug based on a list of peptides.

  • Projects that analyze a protein-sequence and evaluate if the protein could be an antibody prior to initiating follow-up experiments.

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The process

Defining the focus

Initially, you are having an online introductory meeting with Dr. Bennike to address the project and the biological questions at hand. This initial meeting is free and aims to clarify how we can help you.

The analysis

The analysis is tailored for the project at hand. After studying the provided data/material, such as:

  • Report from Biogenity or other providers
  • Protein ID or sequence
  • List of proteins or peptides
or similar, an extended bioinformatic analysis is performed.

Extended bioinformatic analysis

The analysis includes extracting information regarding the significant proteins and pathways from validated databases and placing these in the context of the project. When needed, extended bioinformatic analysis is performed on the protein candidates, e.g.:

  • 3D-structural analyses
  • Amino acid composition analysis
  • Charge analysis
  • Functional prediction, and more.

What is provided?

We are providing you with a written report designed explicitly for your project. A final online meeting is typically arranged where Dr. Bennike presents the findings and will address any additional questions. Figures and animations can be provided by request in high resolution for presentations and publication purposes.

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