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Helping SMEs to faster and better validation

We support the small and medium-sized companies in their drug development. Having an assigned biostatistician with expertise in expression data can be resource-intensive for SMEs. By outsourcing the work to Biogenity, you not only get more time on your hands, but also an easily reproducible and cost-effective analysis. Each project can differ, which is why our experts can advise you on the right solution for answering your hypotheses.


Biogenity has provided a dedicated service to analyze and help validate important clinical data and bring new insight with their graphical presentation. The staff are friendly, competent, efficient and eager to make sure that all steps of the data analysis flow are optimized to obtain the best possible solution and results. I would strongly recommend to anybody wanting to have data analysis delivered with care and precision.

Meg Duroux,

Designed to assist researchers

Biogenity was founded as CEO and co-founder, Kenneth Kastaniegaard, throughout his Ph.D. in biomedical engineering had seen a need for thorough and affordable data analysis. Expression analysis is often used in research and discovery-phases, and while expression data is commonly used within life science, the researcher is often not a data specialist. This can lead to simplified analyzes or, in the worst case, incorrectly prepared analyzes that are published in journals. Therefore, our product is designed to meet the needs of researchers.

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Aarhus University

We have used Biogenity to help us compare RNAseq data and data from a kinase screening assay to understand a biological mechanism of our receptor. Biogenity provided expertise both on the analytical site and on the customer side and was very helpful and informative throughout the process. They have helped us understand our data and we will absolutely use them again for future experiments.

Simon M. Jensen,
Postdoc at Aarhus University

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