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Five types of expression data analysis

Visualize your research

We have designed our analyses to provide you with the best tools to interpret and understand your expression data. Each of our analytical products gives you the right arguments for your further research.

Fast delivery

We excel at having short delivery times, without compromising on quality or price. For urgent tasks, there is the opportunity of prioritization and quicker delivery.

Customize to your needs

You have the opportunity to tailor your solution. By default, all of our advanced data analyzes include statistical analysis and bioinformatics.

Bioinformatic data analysis

Bioinformatics report
An advanced data analysis

We address, which genes/protein expressions found significantly regulated can be annotated through a bioinformatic enrichment analysis. The analysis also investigate if genes or proteins have been found in multiple pathways and suggest which have been found connecting the annotated pathways.

Bioinformatic analysis includes:

Bioinformatic enrichment analysis

Network mapping

Cross sample-group bioinfromatic comparison

Cluster analysis

Cluster data analysis report
An advanced data analysis

In this data analysis, we investigate relevant clusters in your data. Supervised and unsupervised clustering methods are applied to find the clusters in your data to identify potential sub-groups or sub-studies. The cluster analysis allows you to address your data on several levels.

Cluster analysis includes:

Detection clusters

Investigation of expression regulations and unique features cross clusters

Bioinformatic analysis with cross cluster comparison

Low sample size data analysis

Low sample size analysis
An advanced data analysis

Low sample size is a common phenomenon in pilot-studies and experiments for hypothesis generation but can cause the error that results reflect a single sample instead of the whole sample population. We can adjust the p-value, thus counteracting this effect and calculate bias, giving you the tool to adjust your interpretation of your result.

Low sample size data analysis includes:

Resampling with Jackknife

Calculation of single sample bias

Low sample size adjusted p-values

Multiple comparison

Multiple comparison report
An advanced data analysis

If you have several datasets, you have the opportunity to perform a multiple comparison data analysis. Here we compare the regulated genes/proteins, unique identification, and bioinformatic annotations.

The multiple comparison analysis includes:

Unique and shared identifications

Unique and shared expression regulation patterns

Unique and shared bioinformatics

Report of the comparison

Report of the individual datasets

Statistical data analysis
from €1,495.00 excl. VAT

Statistical analysis report
A standardized data analysis

We offer a complete analysis of your data with state of the art statistical methods with full transparency. Each step chosen throughout the data analysis will be well described. It also includes a report summarizing the results and tables of the data before and after each analytic step.

Statistical data analysis includes:

Data filtration

Unique identification

Outlier test

Statistical testing


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