Basic expression analysis

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Expression data analysis by Biogenity

Basic expression analysis

starting from €1.495,00 excl. VAT

In search of state of the art, biostatistical analysis of your gene or protein expression data? Look no further.

We offer a complete analysis of your data with state of the art biostatistical methods with full transparency. Each step chosen throughout the data analysis will be well described. It also includes a report summarizing the results and tables of the data before and after each analytic step. You also get useful figures in vector-format designed to be ready for publicizing.

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The analysis includes

  • Data filtration
  • Detection of unique identification
  • Data transformation and normalization test
  • Outlier estimation
  • Statistical testing
  • Data visualization (Heatmap, PCA plot and Box-plots of regulations)

  • Delivery time

    2 - 3 weeks. Fast delivery available.

    A standardized product

    This product is standardized, which means the product has a fixed basic price of €1,495.00. The price may vary if combined with other services.

    Technology used

    Machine learning is utilized to find outliers, visualize data, and bioinformatics. The latter is performed using the DAVID and Reactome database.

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    Multiple Comparison

    Max. number of datasets 1 1 Unlimited
    Max. data points Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Fastest possible delivery time 5 days* 7 days* Varying
    Principal component analysis
    WARD clustering
    K-means clustering
    Jackknife resampling
    Cellular component -
    Biological processes -
    Pathway mapping -
    Inter-pathways proteins -

    *In workdays. It might be necessary to add further time if the structure of your data set differs significantly from what we are using. In this case, you will be contacted.