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We offer data analysis of gene and protein expressions. You get a full analysis of your data with state of the art biostatistical methods.

The analysis includes a report summarizing the results, tables of all results and figures in vector format. The results include filtering with an estimation of outliers, statistical analysis of regulation related to data groups, personalized medicine based expanded regulation analysis (if interesting sub-groups or sub-studies are implied by clustering).

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What do you gain by using our service?

Statistical evidence

We use advanced statistical programming to assure high-quality analysis, by performing the necessary test to ensure the correct statistical tools are applied.

Fast delivery

Supervised Machine Learning facilitates our ambition of faster and cheaper data analysis. We strive to deliver your analysis within a week.

Thorough description

Every report comes with a section, where all used methods are described, and the choice of statistical methods applied justified throughout the report.

Easy implementation

We have prepared a method section, as well as figures and tables so that you can copy-paste the content directly into your work.

What do you get?

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A Full Data Analysis

You will get a report of the analysis with graphic representations of your data. The report is a walkthrough of the analysis explaining the decisions made and what is implied by the different methods used.

You also get folders containing tables and figures, giving you the exact calculated values from ex. regulation of different proteins and graphic illustrations of every regulation by Boxplot, respectively.

Including all the processed raw data

We have packed illustrations, raw data, and tables in separate folders to ease any set-up changes deemed necessary. Thus, you can easily locate and access individual items as needed.

A deeper insight

Our service provides you with deep insight and advanced analysis of your expression data.

The power of Machine Learning

To achieve a deeper insight, we use several Machine Learning methods including several clustering methods like K-means. This enables discovery of subgroups and sub-studies within a single study, thus enabling the expansion of the analysis and potential discovery of personalized medicine-based features.

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A refined pipeline

At Biogenity we keep on striving to improve the analysis method currently used in conventional expression data analysis. This is achieved by using advanced biostatistical and statistical methods to improve statistical accuracy.

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You can currently select between our Basic and Advanced Data Analysis. The difference lies in the used pipeline, where the advanced approach exploits bioinformatic tools to achieve a deeper understanding of your data and the basic analysis is limited to the biostatistical analysis.

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Useful illustrations

Illustrations have been carefully selected to enhance the understanding of the data and the results. There is an in-depth review of how the values should be read for each illustration in the analysis. Thus, through the illustrations, you will achieve a deeper understanding of the results.

Easy implementation

All illustrations are made, so they are easily and aesthetically to include in your work. All illustrations are vector-based thus scalable to ensure that they can be adjusted to fit your preferences.

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