Plant a tree with Biogenity

Biogenity's vision of providing better healthcare to society is supported by nature as we help researchers harvest the information from millions of years of evolution. The mapping of complex biological processes and how key elements can modulate or terminate biological systems provides the foundation for the discovery of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

At Biogenity, we would like to give back to nature and nourish that evolution, which helps answer healthcare issues.

The amazon rainforest is the host for the largest variety of species in the world, but it is threatened by deforestation. Deforestation, in general, contributes to increased CO2 emissions, and 80,000 hectares of forest disappear from the Earth every day. More than 28,000 animal species will be extinct in 25 years if we continue this development, and the Amazon rainforest will be gone.

We need to act now to try to rescue Earth's evolutional catalyzer.

Biogenity believes that we must counteract deforestation by planting new and preserving existing forests, which also counteract some of the arising factors of the climate crisis.

We know that we will not solve all climate problems or secure the Amazon rainforest by ourselves. However, we believe that many kind-hearted acts will form a greener future and a hope for the Earth's ecosystem.

This is why we donate trees for reforestation of the Amazon rainforest for every complete work order using our partner One Tree Planted. Every time you receive a report on your data, we will attach a certificate showing how many trees we planted in the Amazon rainforest in honor of your project.

Let's help each other preserve the Earth together to create a better future for generations to come.