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Statistical analysis of your gene or protein expression data.

Biogenity offers a complete analysis of your data with state of the art statistical methods with full transparency.

Each step chosen throughout the data analysis will be well described. It also includes a report summarizing the results and tables of the data before and after each analytic step.

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A standardized statistical data analysis includes

Statistical analysis
Data filtration
Unique identification
Data transformation
Data normalization
Outlier estimation
Statistical testing

Data visualization
Heatmap of regulations
Box-plots of regulations
PCA-plot of regulations

Types of platform

We support most of the platforms for expression data. Currently, advanced pipelines are ready for:





Is your platform not on the list?

We are continually expanding compatibility with our data analytics engine. Therefore, contact us if you have a specific query on a platform, and we will be able to advise you if we support it.

A standardized product

This product is standardized, which means the product has a fixed price of €1,495.00. The price may vary if combined with other services.

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Fast delivery

1 - 2 weeks. Fast delivery available.

Technology used

Supervised machine learning is utilized to find outliers and visualize data.


What do you gain by using our service?

Statistical evidence

By performing the necessary tests with advanced programming, we assure the correct analytical tools to be applied for a high-quality data analysis.

Fast delivery

Supervised AI technologies facilitate our ambition for quicker and cheaper data analysis. We strive to deliver the standardized reports within two weeks.

Thorough description

Every analysis comes with a report where all used methods are well-described. The choice of statistical methods applied is justified throughout the report.

Easy implementation

We have prepared a method section, as well as figures and tables, so that you can copy-paste the content directly into your work.

What do you get?

Magazine by Biogenity

A thorough report

You get a full report with each statistical step chosen during the expression data analysis well-described. It is the right tool for your research group to secure a great, shared understanding.

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If you contact us, we can advise you on what is achievable with your specific data. It's free, and we're happy to help.

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Bioinformatics Tools - Tables

Tables of your data

The tables are shown in the report and give you a quick overview of how to read the values correctly. Thus, giving you the exact calculated values from, e.g., regulation of different proteins.

Raw data included

We have packed the tables in separate folders to ease any set-up changes deemed necessary. Thus, you can quickly locate and access individual items as needed.

Bioinformatics Tools - Tables
Mean log2

Useful illustrations

Illustrations are carefully selected to enhance the understanding of the data and the results. There is an in-depth review of how the values should be read for each figure in the analysis. Thus, through illustrative examples, you will achieve a deeper understanding of the results.

Easy implementation

All illustrations are made, so they are easily and aesthetically to include in your work. All illustrations are vector-based, thus scalable to ensure that they can be adjusted to fit your preferences.

Helping researchers to faster and better validation

We support organizations and companies in their drug development. Having an assigned biostatistician with expertise in expression data can be resource-intensive. By outsourcing the work to Biogenity, you not only get more time on your hands, but also an easily reproducible and cost-effective analysis. Each project can differ, which is why our experts can advise you on the right solution for answering your hypotheses.


Biogenity has provided a dedicated service to analyze and help validate important clinical data and bring new insight with their graphical presentation. The staff are friendly, competent, efficient and eager to make sure that all steps of the data analysis flow are optimized to obtain the best possible solution and results. I would strongly recommend to anybody wanting to have data analysis delivered with care and precision.

Meg Duroux,

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