Biogenity Partners with Centre for Diagnostics at DTU to Expand with Olink Proteomics Workflows


February 28, 2024 | By Louis Loeb

Are you searching for diagnostic or prognostic markers when performing large cohort studies, assessing the effect of treatments, or conducting basic research? We at Biogenity are excited to announce our new partnership with the Centre for Diagnostics at DTU. This alliance marks a significant milestone for the life science community, offering a streamlined, end-to-end workflow from sample to biological insight, utilizing the comprehensive capabilities of Olink proteomics and Biogenity’s data analysis pipeline.

This collaboration grants access to a wide range of omics services, seamlessly integrated to support your research needs, including multiomics expertise and guidance and advanced statistics, bioinformatics, and machine learning approaches for data analysis. Our services are designed to simplify the complexity of omics studies, as our solutions ensure that interpreting results is straightforward, enabling more precise, easy-to-follow, and more accessible insights than ever before.

About the Partnership with DTU:

At Biogenity, our mission has always been to empower researchers with cutting-edge omics tools and technologies that drive innovation in life sciences. Since 2020, Biogenity has proudly partnered with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and now, by expanding our collaboration with the DTU Centre for Diagnostics — a leading institution in diagnostics and research — we are uniting our strengths to deliver a comprehensive Olink proteomics service. Our collaboration is created to streamline the process of protein analysis, from sample to biology, ensuring that researchers can focus on their scientific questions without the technical complexities traditionally associated with proteomics.

In omics research, finding the right service provider can make a monumental difference in how deep you can go and how successful your studies are. Biogenity stands out for researchers looking for Olink proteomics services and an excellent research experience, thanks to our strategic partnership with Centre for Diagnostics DTU. Here's why choosing Biogenity for Olink proteomics elevates your research to unprecedented levels:

  1. Tailored excellence from sample to insight: At Biogenity, we are dedicated to empowering your research journey with excellent tools and expertise, ensuring every stage of your project is supported with precision and care. Our collaboration with the Centre for Diagnostics at DTU significantly enhances our service offerings. DTU brings specialized expertise in sample analysis using Olink proteomics, complementing Biogenity’s comprehensive suite of omics services. This synergy ensures a complete workflow, from excellent sample analysis to in-depth data interpretation and support by our experts, delivering unparalleled service in every aspect of your research.

  2. Advanced data analysis: At Biogenity, we excel in transforming complex data into meaningful insights. Our bioinformatics analysis, enriched with customized guidance, ensures you receive the information crucial for your research. Analyzing the biological patterns within your data, we turn this complexity into actionable knowledge, advancing your research. Additionally, our expertise extends to sophisticated data modeling, where we leverage Machine Learning to create cutting-edge solutions, positioning your research at the forefront of scientific innovation.

  3. Excellent guidance: Our customer support goes above and beyond, carefully guiding you from sample to biology. Along with our expert guidance throughout the process, we always invite you to have a consultation after our services are delivered. This ensures that you have the best prerequisite for advancing your research. We tailor this support specifically for you, aiming to do more than just meet your research needs—we want to surpass them.

  4. Comprehensive omics expertise: Bringing Olink panels to Biogenity's service catalog expands our omics expertise and offerings, from proteomics (Olink and LC-MS/MS) and metabolomics to transcriptomics, degradomics, and more. This extensive palette facilitates a comprehensive perspective, yet the real distinction of Biogenity lies in our nuanced approach to multiomics integration. Our expertise enables us to combine various omics studies into a unified narrative, uncovering the underlying biological mechanisms crucial for addressing your specific research questions.

Choosing Biogenity and Centre for Diagnostics DTU for Olink-based proteomics places you at the convergence of cutting-edge technology and our shared expertise and innovation. This choice is about transforming your research goals into valuable results and pushing the frontiers of what's possible in your scientific journey.

Our Proteomics Services Utilizing the Olink Platform:

Our Olink proteomics workflow provides a high-throughput, highly specific, and sensitive method for analyzing protein expressions and interactions. This workflow utilizes advanced Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology to simultaneously measure and analyze thousands of proteins, offering unparalleled insights into the proteome's complexity. Some of the benefits of the Olink approach include:.

  • Comprehensive Protein Analysis: The ability to detect and quantify up to 5,400 biomarkers across sample groups offers a broad view of the proteome.
  • High Specificity and Sensitivity: Utilizes PEA technology, ensuring accurate detection of low-abundance proteins and minimizing cross-reactivity.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Integrated with Biogenity’s excellent bioinformatics, our data analyses and reports translate complex Olink data into valuable insights, facilitating the discovery of biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

Precision Targeting with Olink Panels: Target 96 and Target 48 Cytokine

We pride ourselves on offering precise, cutting-edge solutions tailored for targeted research studies. Our Olink panels, including Target 96 and Target 48 Cytokine, exemplify this focus. These panels are engineered for exceptional specificity and sensitivity, allowing researchers to zero in on specific proteins and disease pathways of interest with exceptional accuracy. The Target 96 and Target 48 Cytokine panels facilitate in-depth analysis of protein expressions that are otherwise hard to capture within particular biological pathways or disease contexts. This targeted approach is essential for studying complex biological mechanisms and fostering the development of precise therapeutic interventions.

Anticipating the Arrival: Olink Explore HT Unveils the Global Proteome

Excitement builds as we prepare to introduce the Olink Explore HT to our offerings. Olink's cutting-edge platform celebrates a new era in global proteomics research, equipped to conduct expansive, high-throughput analyses across the proteome. Unlike the targeted investigation facilitated by our Target 96 and Target 48 Cytokine panels, the Olink Explore HT offers a global view of protein dynamics on a scale previously unattainable. The Explore HT allows for the simultaneous measurement of thousands of biomarkers ( 5,400), uncovering the proteome's complexity and interrelations. Using global proteomics significantly enhances the capacity to discover novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets, allowing for discovery-based advancements in pre-clinical and clinical research.

In addition to the Olink Explore HT, we are delighted to broaden our array of proteomics tools with the inclusion of the Olink Explore 384 and Olink Explore 3072 platforms. These additions bring unparalleled flexibility and depth to our proteome analysis capabilities. Clients can now select from eight specific panels within the Explore 384-plex format, tailored to diverse research needs. The available panels include:

  • Olink® Explore 384 Cardiometabolic
  • Olink® Explore 384 Cardiometabolic II
  • Olink® Explore 384 Inflammation
  • Olink® Explore 384 Inflammation II
  • Olink® Explore 384 Neurology
  • Olink® Explore 384 Neurology II
  • Olink® Explore 384 Oncology
  • Olink® Explore 384 Oncology II

This diversification significantly enhances our suite of services, ensuring comprehensive Olink-based proteome analyses that keep our clients at the cutting edge of biomarker discovery and translational research.

This expansive library supports wide-ranging exploratory proteomics and multiomics studies, offering an in-depth look into the proteome's complexities. The level of customization and breadth ensures that our clients can pursue their research objectives with the most advanced tools at their disposal, fostering groundbreaking discoveries in the field.

The upcoming addition of the Olink Explore HT, along with the Olink Explore 384 and 3072 platforms, highlights Biogenity and DTU Centre for Diagnostics' dedication to innovation and our commitment to supplying the scientific community with the most advanced proteomics tools. This expansion enhances our ability to provide global Olink-based proteome analyses and positions our clients at the forefront of biomarker discovery and translational research.

Olink Targeted and Global Proteomics: Significance for Various Fields

  • Oncology: Targeted panels can help identify specific biomarkers for cancer types, while the Explore HT can reveal broader proteomic changes associated with, e.g., cancer progression and response to treatment.
  • Neurology: Targeted research into specific neurodegenerative disease markers is complemented by global analyses that may uncover new pathways involved in disease mechanisms or progression.
  • Immunology: While targeted panels assist in the detailed study of immune response markers, the Explore HT can provide insights into the systemic immune response and its role in diseases like autoimmunity and inflammation.
  • Cardiovascular Disease: Targeted panels are essential in pinpointing biomarkers critical for understanding heart disease mechanisms and therapeutic responses. Concurrently, the Explore HT provides a comprehensive overview of proteomic alterations in cardiovascular conditions, aiding in the discovery of novel pathways and therapeutic targets.
  • Metabolic Disorders: Utilizing targeted panels allows for the detailed study of proteins involved in metabolic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome, facilitating the development of targeted interventions. The Explore HT broadens this perspective, mapping out the complex protein networks that drive metabolic dysfunctions, which could unveil new treatment avenues.
  • Infectious Diseases: Targeted research through Olink panels enables the precise identification of proteins related to specific pathogens and the host's immune response, essential for vaccine and therapeutic development. The Explore HT expands this capacity, offering insights into the systemic immune response and the intricate host-pathogen interplay, which is crucial for understanding infection mechanisms and identifying intervention points.
  • Aging and Longevity: Targeted panels focus on proteins associated with the aging process and mechanisms of longevity, such as cellular senescence and DNA repair, providing targets for interventions aimed at extending healthspan. Meanwhile, the Explore HT offers a global view of proteomic shifts related to aging, presenting opportunities to identify biomarkers and novel targets to promote healthy aging.

The synergy between targeted and explorative approaches enhances our understanding of diseases at both a micro and macro level, paving the way for precision medicine and comprehensive diagnostic tools. As the field of proteomics continues to evolve, the potential for pre-clinical and clinical research with Olink grows exponentially. We look forward to the discoveries that will emerge from using Olink for both targeted and explorative proteomics analyses, anticipating a future where personalized medicine and targeted therapies become the standard, guided by the deep insights provided by advanced proteomics research.

A Shared Mission to Advance Healthcare with Proteomics:

Biogenity and Centre for Diagnostics at DTU are focused on transforming healthcare research. Our collaboration is all about giving biologists and researchers easy access to the latest omics technologies. With our Olink proteomics workflow, we're enabling researchers to take their proteomics studies to new levels of depth and accuracy.

We're doing more than just providing access to advanced services. We're building a community where innovation and scientific exploration can flourish. Our goal is to provide the research community with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to do complex omics research and turn their findings into novel health solutions.

We're committed to making sure researchers and biologists have everything they need to advance their work in proteomics. By working together, Biogenity, the Centre for Diagnostics DTU, and research teams like yours are paving the way for future breakthroughs in diagnostics and personalized medicine.

Looking Forward:

As we embark on this journey with the Centre for Diagnostics at DTU, we are excited about the potential breakthroughs and advancements that will emerge from our collaboration. Our combined expertise and shared vision for innovation promise to make significant impacts in the field of proteomics and beyond.

Supporting Academic Research:

Understanding the important position of academic research in advancing scientific knowledge, Biogenity is proud to offer academic discounts for our proteomics services. This initiative is made to give researchers from academic institutions access to our omics services, including the Olink panels and the upcoming Olink Explore HT, at more accessible rates. We believe in cultivating a community of collaboration and innovation, and this is our way of contributing to the vital research conducted in universities and research institutes worldwide.


Biogenity and the Centre for Diagnostics at DTU are leading in a new era of proteomics research. Together, we are not just offering a service; we are providing a solution that empowers you and the scientific community to understand the biology within the proteome. We invite researchers to explore our Olink proteomics workflows and join us in this exciting venture.

For more information about our services and how we can support your research, please visit Biogenity's Olink proteomics page or contact our experts here.

Looking forward to pioneering the future of healthcare with you,

Louis Loeb
Chief Commercial Officer