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The company

Biogenity was founded in the summer of 2018, as CEO and co-founder Kenneth Kastaniegaard throughout his Ph.D. in biomedical engineering had seen a need for thorough and cheap data analysis. The omics technologies are advancing vastly and dominating discovery-based studies for biomarkers. These methods can deliver above 10.000 reading per sample, thus generating a large amount of data, which can be overwhelming for the researcher if not a data-specialist. Biogenity's vision is to make data easy manage and interpret, thus a deeper and more clear understanding of the data is provided - Making advanced data analyzes accessible for all sizes of Enterprises and researchers with one mission: To fuel and focus the search of new biomarkers for disease and better treatments hereof.

Our Technology

Large parts of our business are based on our unique pipeline that can automate much of the process during data analysis by using the right tests for decision making. The programming behind the technology has been developed in-house but are based on state of the art biostatistical methods and Machine Learning.

What the future holds

We keep optimizing our data analytic pipeline to include more types of expression analyzes and make sure the methods used are up-to-date and state of the art. Because we strive to ensure our customers have the best possible understanding of their data to generate their hypothesis and conclusions.

We are also developing pipelines to utilize Artificial intelligence-based methods to bring Big Data into Personalized Medicine. It is our goal to make Big Data a usable tool for biomarker validation and discovery accessible for all sizes of Enterprises and researchers.

The Team behind

K. Kastaniegaard
Kenneth Kastaniegaard
CEO & Co-Founder

Ph.D. in Biomedical Science and Engineering

Phone: (+45) 71110509
Email: kkas@biogenity.com

L. Loeb
Louis Loeb
CCO & Co-Founder

MSc in Information Technology

Phone: (+45) 71116050
Email: louis@biogenity.com

Advisory Board

Advisory Board
Christian Vinther
Operator at
Advisory Board
Søren Nielsen
CEO at

Business Partners

2A Pharma
Meta IQ


Open Entrepreneurship
Innovations Fund Denmark
Aalborg University
Erhvervshus Nordjylland
Aarhus University

Programs and Incubators

InnoFounder - Graduate
Innovativ Vækst

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