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The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight

- Carly Fiorina

The company

Founded in 2018, Biogenity is a data-driven biotechnology company focused on transforming biological data into actionable knowledge for the pharmaceutical industry.

When biological data meets artificial intelligence

Our competencies lie in understanding biological data and designing artificial intelligence methods to gain new knowledge from data. The same for all our solutions is that they create better insight and relief otherwise cumbersome process. Thus the result is savings in process time and costs.

Funds and non-commercial projects

The Innovation Fund Denmark and the Danish Society for Protection of Laboratory Animals support the development of Biogenity's phage display prediction software. We are also part of several collaborations where we contribute tailor-made solutions, including EXIMIOUS, which is an international, interdisciplinary, EU-funded project.

Latest blog post

Live animals should no longer be used for antibody production

June 04, 2020 | By Louis Loeb

Today, Information published a debate post written by Bente Lakjer, director of The Danish Society for Protection of Laboratory Animals, who argues that live animals should no longer be used for the production of antibodies. At Biogenity, we have long had a close relationship with The Danish Society for Protection of Laboratory Animals and, as an organization, agree that it is time for antibody manufacturers using animal immunization to take a step in the better direction. There are many recombinant methods available, meaning that animals are not used in the production of antibodies.

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K. Kastaniegaard
Dr. Kenneth Kastaniegaard
CEO & Co-Founder

Phone: (+45) 71110509
Email: kkas@biogenity.com

L. Loeb
Louis Loeb
CCO & Co-Founder

Phone: (+45) 71116050
Email: louis@biogenity.com

Board of advisors

Jesper Kihl
Jesper Kihl
Former Vice President,
Regulatory Affairs at
LEO Pharma & Novo Nordisk
Søren Nielsen
Søren Nielsen
MD. dr.med & CEO at
CPTone Biotech
Kim Budolph Johansen
Kim Budolph Johansen
Commercial Leadership Advisor & Owner at
Active Budolph Consulting
Christian Vinther
Christian Vinther
Startup advisor, Entrepreneur
& Investor relations manager at DanBAN

Scientific board

Tue Bjerg Bennike
Tue Bjerg Bennike
Associate Professor at
Aalborg University


2A Pharma
Aalborg University
Aarhus University
Open Entrepreneurship
Erhvervshus Nordjylland
Business Aalborg

Funds and incubators

Horizon 2020
Innovations Fund Denmark
InnoFounder - Graduate
Innovativ Vækst

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