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Innovation Fund Denmark is investing in the development of BioSWITCH by Biogenity

March 23, 2022

At Biogenity, we are happy to announce that the Innovation Fund Denmark has agreed to invest in Biogenity's Innobooster-project: "Signal Pathway Intelligent Characterization (BioSWITCH)." BioSWITCH will be a series of algorithms to track molecular signals in expression-based omics data. One of the biggest problems in omics studies is the complexity, especially in multi-omics studies when discovering new diagnostics, prognostics, and therapeutics targets.

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Biogenity's complete workflow for your proteomics study using LC-MS

June 01, 2021

At Biogenity, we are very proud to be able to facilitate your proteomics project using Mass Spectrometry. Since we have not posted on our proteomics workflow, we thought it would be obvious to present the whole customer journey, highlighting how to support your next project from sample to biology.

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