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Innovation Fund Denmark is investing in the development of BioSWITCH by Biogenity


March 31, 2022 | By Kenneth Kastaniegaard

At Biogenity, we are happy to announce that the Innovation Fund Denmark has agreed to invest in Biogenity's Innobooster-project: "Signal Pathway Intelligent Characterization (BioSWITCH)."

BioSWITCH will be a series of algorithms to track molecular signals in expression-based omics data.

One of the biggest problems in omics studies is the complexity, especially in multi-omics studies when discovering new diagnostics, prognostics, and therapeutics targets.

Multi-omics shows excellent potential for the development of personalized medicine and system biology. The approaches allow for the collection of enough data to map entire pathways and biological processes in a network plot and look at the expression pattern in a study. But, still, there can be missing data points, which can hide essential up-stream or down-stream information or linkage between processes. Often, we don't recognize all the molecular signals appearing in the data, and these signals can be important and reveal novel insight into the research question.

BioSWITCH will present all molecular signals found in data in simple listings and interactive maps. We will incorporate several machine learning modules to give you a unique insight into the signal routes.

The first version of BioSWITCH is estimated to be available at the end of 2022/the beginning of 2023.

BioSWITCH will be made available as an application on Biolib.com and as an add-on for our existing data analysis services.

If you want to follow the development and be notified when the first modules are ready, then sign-up for our newsletter.

Become a beta tester or contribute to the development. We are currently looking for beta testers for its first release and large human multi-omics datasets for modeling and training. If that's you, please write to bioswitch@biogenity.com.

We will only choose a few studies for the beta-testing, so reach out now!

The Biogenity Team

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