Proteomics on tissue samples

Proteome analysis

Tissue is complex and can consist of various cells and compartments. Due to the heterogeneous cellular population, it can also be an excellent method to monitor changes, e.g., inflammation. The complexity also allows for investigating distribution and interactions between cells. Working with tissue combining technics like proteomics and microscopy (e.g., immunohistochemistry) is an excellent tool for studying molecular changes, visualizing the effect on cellular space, and discovering and validating changes.

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Sample preparation and Mass Spectrometry

Workflows for tissue samples

Tissues come in various forms, e.g., hard to soft and rich in protein or lipids. The optimal homogenizing technic and protein extraction method can change depending on tissue type. Biogenity has excellent experience with a vast amount of tissue types and Standard Operating Procedures to ensure the proteome extraction in your samples.

Biogenity can also assist with laser microdissection of your tissue if you have specific compartments of interest.

Experienced professionals

Biogenity’s team and its partners works with the highest standards to ensure the best quality handling and analysis of your samples. We collaborate with carefully selected proteomics laboratories for tissue samples, ensuring that every aspect of the workflow is executed by specialized personnel.

The latest equipment from Thermo Fisher Scientific

We pride ourselves on being able to offer the latest equipment on the market. Our collaborating proteomics laboratory has the latest equipment from Thermo Fischer, ensuring a deep coverage. If you’d like to see the complete platform list, follow this link.

Proteome coverage and accuracy

Given the complex nature of tissue, coverage and accuracy becomes crucial. Mapping biological systems or identifying invading cells requires high sensitivity, which is why we offer that your samples will be analyzed on the latest generation Thermo fisher instrument, the Orbitrap Eclipse.

The complexity of the tissue can also be a source of variance, making it essential to keep any analytical variance to the minimum. Using TMT, we can perform the quantification on MS3 level, increasing accuracy and reducing the added variance, vital for the following statistical analysis.

Data analysis, including report, figures, and tables

Visualisation of your tissue samples

Data analysis is where it all comes to shine. You will receive an easy-to-follow report describing the data analysis of you tissue samples and results hereof, step-by-step, together with a folder containing all tables and figures. To ensure that you have precisely the material needed, we always provide a vast number of figures and tables.

Let us be your data scientist

Biogenity’s data analysis is much more than simply a data analysis. It offers an insight into what biology is, e.g., potentially activated or deactivated in the different conditions, without the hassle of postprocessing the data. Our team does it all: data filtration, outlier testing, variance plotting with PCA, clustering, and the statistics - and that is just with the statistical data analysis.

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Characterisation of subgroups

You can discover the biological systems and which pathways the regulated proteins can be annotated to. Biogenity does enrichment analysis and maps the findings, so you have an overview of the findings and the network of interactions. Additionally, our interactive pathway plots make it visually easy to see changes in the pathways and how they may differ in different group comparisons.

Interactive plots to highlight signaling pathways

With our bioinformatic data analysis, you will also get interactive plots that allow you to explore the signaling pathways that are enriched in your data. It lets you take the regulated proteins into perspective, showing which biological pathways or biological processes are potentially up or down-regulated. This helps you get a good understanding of what is happening in the different conditions.

Interpretation of biological findings

If you need a hand interpreting your data, find strategies to validate your findings, a presentation or publishing strategy, or want to save time. Then our consultants are ready to assist you, giving you an additional report or presentation tailored to answer your questions. Biogenity's consultants are well experienced with proteomic data and, e.g., finding markers for inflammation or different cell types.

Delivery and discussion

Delivered directly to your inbox

When your parasite-based protein analysis is ready, we deliver it directly to your inbox. Your data and reports are easy to access and secured with encryption and password protection.

You can receive your sample leftovers sent by courier, or Biogenity can safely discard them after project completion. It is entirely up to you.

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Post-consultation and discussion

It is important to us that you get the most out of your experiment, which is why we always offer a post-consultation where you can ask all your questions about the results. Together, we ensure that you have the best prerequisite for your further research. The consultation can also be used to explore the next step, whether you are looking to expand the project with additional omics studies or validate the results.

What you can expect:

  • Explanation of the different steps in the sample analysis
  • Discussion of the data
  • Explanation of the different steps in the data analysis
  • Q&A to the report

Other proteomics LC-MS/MS approaches

Laser microdissection


Utilizing laser microdissection, Biogenity provides high-sensitivity proteomics with up to 3,000 proteins from 10^6 micron tissue pieces.

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Discovery-based proteomics


Biogenity offers global protein analysis of your samples, getting deep proteome coverages with state-of-the-art accuracy.

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Biogenity can provide you with deep coverage and an easy-to-follow report if you are interested in kinase activity and phosphorylation patterns.

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