Metabolome analysis

Introduction to metabolomics

Unlocking the insight of metabolomics is essential in several industries, including Pharma, Biotech, and Foodtech. By investigating chemical and biological processes involving metabolites, metabolomics can reveal critical information about the processes. Whether mapping processes from fermentation or disease, understanding how alterations to systems change the metabolic fingerprint is vital to optimize or manipulate the process itself.

Complete metabolomics workflows

At Biogenity, we offer a complete-service workflow for metabolomics, covering everything from sample preparation to data analysis. The analysis is performed with a focus on quality and interpretability to ensure ready-to-use material for documentation, publications, and presentations.

If you’d like to learn more, we are happy to discuss your project and help you get the most out of your metabolome analysis.

Let’s discuss your project

Guiding you from sample to biology

Our experts are ready to help you with your metabolome research study. Ideally, we set up an online meeting where we get to learn about your project. Here, we discuss the different options to reach your aim.

Get a price estimate for your project

If you need an estimate for your project, we are happy to help. We encourage you to request an initial free consultation to assess which metabolomics approach fits your research aim.

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Sample preparation and analysis

Let's talk, scientist to scientist

We always offer a free consultation to ensure we understand your aim and can offer the best coverage for your research questions. At this initial consultation, we can discuss your project and find the metabolomics strategy suited to your research aim. At Biogenity, we can work with various samples, including biofluids, cells, and tissue, from different types of studies, such as pathology, treatment effect, fermentation, nutrition, and microbiome.

Experienced professionals

Biogenity's team and our partners are experts and work with the highest standards. We are well-experienced in finding the correct approach for answering your research question at hand, providing you with complete transparency in the methods applied.

Wide range of instrumtents for metabolomics

We pride ourselves on being able to offer various innovative mass spectrometry platforms. Our collaborating metabolomics laboratory has access to a wide range of instruments, including Thermo Scientific Q Exactive HF LC-MS/MS and Agilent Q GC-MS.

If you’d like to see the complete platform list, follow this link.

Excellent experience with various compounds

Biogenity provides different options, from analyzing the entire metabolome to investigating specific metabolites, and offers high throughput solutions. Our collaborating metabolomics laboratory has a great experience with various compounds such as amino acids, bile acids, polar metabolites, volatile organic compounds, etc.

Data analysis, including report, figures, and tables

Team of experts in data analysis on transcriptomics data

At Biogenity, we can perform the data analysis for you, allowing you to spend more time understanding the underlying mechanisms in your metabolomics samples. We do everything from data filtering to statistics, bioinformatics, and generating diagnostic models. Our team consists of experts in statistics, bioinformatics, and Machine- and Deep Learning (artificial intelligence methods), ready to elevate your data analysis to the next level.

Data integration for your metabolomics study

Did you know Biogenity can integrate your metabolomics study with additional data? We offer data integration services covering numerous data sources, such as other omics data, systematic parameters, and clinical data. We expand the analysis of your metabolome samples and put them in context to your data. Let's explore the opportunity to intergrade and utilize multiomics or machine learning approaches in the study of your data.

Interactive plots to highlight signaling pathways

With our bioinformatic data analysis, you will also get interactive plots that allow you to explore the signaling pathways that are enriched in your data. It lets you take the regulated transcripts into perspective, showing which biological pathways are potentially up or down-regulated. Biogenity's interactive plot helps you get a great understanding of what is happening in the different conditions.

Delivery and discussion

Delivered directly to your inbox

When your metabolomics analysis is ready, we deliver it directly to your inbox. Your data and reports are easy to access and secured with encryption and password protection.

You can receive your sample leftovers sent by courier, or Biogenity can safely discard them after project completion. It is entirely up to you.

Plant a tree with Biogenity and One Tree Planted

Partnering with One Tree Planted, we want to work towards a brighter future with better treatment for diseases and a healthy planet to enjoy life. For us, our children, grandchildren, and the generations to come.

Biogenity donates a dozen trees for every project delivered to support local communities, reforestation in the Amazon rainforest, and reduce CO2 emissions. See how we are making a difference together.

Post-consultation and discussion

It is important to us that you get the most out of your experiment, which is why we always offer a post-consultation where you can ask all your questions about the results. Together, we ensure that you have the best prerequisite for your further research. The consultation can also be used to explore the next step, whether you are looking to expand the project with additional omics studies or validate the results.

What you can expect:

  • Explanation of the different steps in the sample analysis
  • Discussion of the data
  • Explanation of the different steps in the data analysis
  • Q&A to the report

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